Hi, I’m Alina. I’m a finance student living in Silicon Valley. It’s difficult being a student, because you’re often low on money. It’s hard balancing work and classes at the same time while worrying about the high cost of tuition. It’s even worse when you live in an expensive area (I would know). As a result, I’m always way finding ways to save money and make extra money on the side (legally and without losing my dignity). I also like to read about money management, and I believe that it’s never too late to start saving!

I’d like to share all the tips and tricks I discover on saving money, making money and managing money with all of you through this blog. I hope my “hacks” can help ease the financial stress in your life.

Hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful!

Disclaimer: I am writing this blog based on my interests and experiences. While I like finance and money management, this is only a hobby for me and I am NOT claiming to be a professional financial adviser. If you have any serious financial questions or issues, please consult an expert.